Tonto Apache Tribe Works With aLocal To Develop Apache Corners

The Tonto Apache Tribe has partnered with aLocal to develop the tribal lands that share borders with Payson, Arizona. Currently known as Apache Corners, aLocal President Eric S. Trevan, Ph.D. is confident of the great opportunities that exist for the Tribe. “As a Sovereign Nation, Tonto Apache has an incredible opportunity to transition from financial sovereignty toward economic sovereignty. Through multiple discussions with developers, government officials, educational institutions and other economic advisors we are working together to create a catalyst for the region.”

Apache Corners currently is forecasted to include a Family Entertainment Center (FEC), new restaurants, a distillery, new convenience store, a grocery store, RV Park, light manufacturing, warehousing space, and health center with educational and workforce development training facilities. By the numbers we are proud to work for Tonto Apache:

Economic Impact $89.2MM
– Employment 1,043 New Jobs
New Wages $30.5MM Annually
Regional Annual Tax Impact $9.1MM

Chairman Calvin Johnson of the Tonto Apache Nation spoke at the Rim County Regional Chamber of Commerce February 21, 2023. He is excited to move forward with the development explaining”…we have worked the last few years on identifying economic opportunities that will diversify economic opportunity….we have spoken to many potential partners… we have identified specific partners for some developments while working with other partners on finalizing our plan. This development is great for the region and our Tribe.”

While the final name is yet to be determined, its important that Tonto Apache finds a name that represents the future for the Tribe and the Region. Chairman Johnson ensures “…the final development will provide incredible economic benefits and growth! I cannot wait to get started.”

Tonto Apache Tribe
Tonto Apache is a Federally Recognized Sovereign Nation that shares borders with Payson, Arizona. The nation has multiple business ventures such as the Mazatlán Hotel and Casino, Convenience Store, Smoke Shop, Tonto Apache Gym and Healthcare.

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